.264 125gr Bulldozer

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Length: 1.455
BC (G1): 0.510
Twist: 1:8
Price: 50/BOX

3 reviews for .264 125gr Bulldozer

  1. John wedge (verified owner)

    I wired up a load for my wife’s creedmoor that printed a cloverleaf at 100 yards. Took it antelope hunting and she put a good shot on a nice buck at 175 yards. Complete pass through both shoulders, exit wound about an inch with little meat damage

  2. John Wedge (verified owner)

    I worked up a load for my wifes Creedmoor and she killed her first antelope buck with it last fall. One shot dropped it in its tracks. Bullet is very accurate and performed perfectly on game.

  3. Dominick DiCenzo (verified owner)

    Loaded the 125 gr 6.5 in my 6.5-06 ( 3228 fps ) & 260 Rem ( 2892 fps ) 1/8 twist. Both rifles shot under 3/4 “at 100 yds. . Also shot at my 424 yd range & both rifles were right on. Had no problem hitting my target. Seems as though they tighten up the group at 200 yd . Tend to settle down. Seated .050 of the lands in both rifles. They do like a long jump. It appears to me they create a bit more resistance in the bore than other mono’s. But with their high BC they more than make up for, a maybe 50 fps less velocity than the competition.

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